At Emory University, Undergraduate Courses (2011-2022)

PHIL 134 Introduction to Philosophy of Human Nature (Fall 2012; Fall 2013)

PHIL 136 Love and Friendship (Fall 2014; Spring 2018)

PHIL 190 Freshman Seminar: The Good Life (Spring 2019)

PHIL 200/200W Ancient Greek and Medieval Philosophy (Spring 2012; Spring 2014; Spring 2015; Spring 2017; Fall 2017; Spring 2020; Spring 2021; Spring 2022)

PHIL 400/400W Topics in Ancient Greek Philosophy 

Fall 2011: Aristotle on the Virtues of Thought

Spring 2013: The Self in Ancient Thought

Fall 2013: Shame, Greed, and the Good Life

Spring 2019: Ancient Theories of Justice

Fall 2020: Courage, Integrity, and Freedom: Ancient and Modern

Spring 2021: Truth, Lies, Democracy, and Freedom: Ancient and Modern.

PHIL 490W Senior Seminar 

Spring 2012: Emotion and Reason in Ancient Philosophy

Spring 2013: Shame, Power, and Autonomy

Fall 2014: Courage, Freedom, and Integrity

Spring 2018: Freedom, Integrity, and the Meaning of Life.

At Emory University, Graduate Courses

PHIL500R, Ancient Philosophy Seminar: Truth, Justice, Love, and Power in Plato and Aristotle (Spring 2022)

PHIL501R, Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Political Emotions in Ancient Greek Thought (Fall 2019; Spring 2021)

PHIL500R, Ancient Philosophy Seminar: Experience, Knowledge, Persuasion, and Power in Plato, Aristotle, and Beyond (Spring 2020)

PHIL777, Philosophy and Pedagogy (Fall 2019)

PHIL501R, Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle on Democracy and Tyranny, Freedom, and Oppression (Fall 2017)

PHIL500R, Ancient  Philosophy Seminar: Aristotle on Justice (Spring 2017)

PHIL500R, Ancient  Philosophy Seminar: Aristotle on Action, Character, and the Human Goal (Spring 2015)

PHIL500R, Ancient  Philosophy Seminar (co-taught with Bracht Branham): Shame and Necessity in Greek Philosophy and Literature (Spring 2014)

PHIL500R, Ancient Philosophy Seminar: Aristotle on Experience and Knowledge (Fall 2012)

PHIL501R, Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle on Action (Fall 2011)

PhD Thesis Supervision and Committees

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